New First Aid for Parents. There is now a short 3 hour course for expectant or parents of small children or babies.  The course will give confidence in conducting life saving techniques if needed.  Evening courses are available. Amazing low cost - £25pp with certification and a Paediatric Training Manual.

Example 1: Want to be a Child Minder / work in a Day Nursery?

2 Day OFSTED approved Paediatric Course…
12 hr hands on instruction.
4 evenings over 4 weeks 1800hrs-2100hrs = 4 x 3hour sessions

your qualified…..a must for your CV

Example 2: Run a low risk business…need an employee to manage your First Aid needs?

1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work course….
6 hr hands on instruction.
2 evenings over 2 weeks 1800hrs – 2100hrs = 2 x 3hour sessions
Your Staff are qualified and you have addressed your duty of care.

Example 3: Want some knowledge if your child is injured or taken ill?

3 hour First Aid for Parents….
3hr hands on instruction.
1 evening 1800-2100 1 x 3hr session
You have just gained some potential life saving techniques.

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