As of October 2009, the Health & Safety Executive will implement changes to First Aid Qualifications and the way First Aid courses will be delivered.

The proposed changes:
In October 2009 a new 3 Day First Aid at Work course will replace the 4 Day course.
New 1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work course to replace Appointed Person. This course will become statutory along side the 3 Day and the 2 Day re qualification.

What this means to you:
You still need to comply with legislation prior to Oct 09. This means you or staff still need the present qualification. Your qualification will still be valid post Oct 09 until it expires. You will then have to re-qualify by attending the new course.

For those that qualify by attending the new 1 Day First Aid at Work course, it is strongly recommended that yearly refresher training in performed. Remember that we always give you 1 hr FREE workshop to keep your skills up to speed.

Assessment of First Aid Needs:
Yet to be confirmed by the HSE, however a draft model can be obtained from their website by using the link below.

Please refer to page 24 / appendix 4.